The Health Benefits Of Sex

Sex is an important part of any sensual relationship and provides multiple positive effects on health, both physical and emotional.

A psychosexual expert once said, every couple needs a sensate focus, also known as touching exercise which involves a series of sensory experience to help them become more comfortable with touch and build trust and intimacy. This exercise takes about an hour, so couples should make sure to put aside enough time. They should then prepare the space, making sure they are comfortable and will not be disturbed.

Besides developing trust and intimacy, here are some of the healthy reasons why you can go home early and tell your significant other to get playful this evening for the good of your own bodies;

Reduces Stress and Elevates Mood

Sex with a meaningful conversation in a relaxing setting can reduce stress. Another factor is exposure to semen, since it contains mood-elevating chemicals that are great in boosting moods and help prevent depressive symptoms.

Stay Younger

Dr David Weeks, a British consultant clinical Neuropsychologist had discovered that couples with an active sex life or make love 3-4 times a week look 7 years younger than their true age. He added that people must learn the benefits of having a healthy sex life as well as its essential benefits to the human growth hormone.

It Boosts Immunity

Sex is great for your immune system. With regular sex, your body produces higher levels of chemical known as immunoglobulin (IGA) which also serves as an antibody that can prevent flu and cold. A research in Pennsylvania also discovered that people who had regular intercourse experience positive immune response than those who don’t.

It Improves Your Physical And Mental Health

In the bedroom during sex, your skeletal muscles are functioning. No matter how enthusiastic your muscles work, they play a significant role in your internal system and bodily function, therefore keep you physically healthy. Mentally speaking, sex also improves your brain function by boosting the cranial nerve growth, which is important to mental alertness.

Helps You Sleep Better

That intense feeling you get right after climax can actually help you sleep faster and better. So if you want to have a good night sleep to prep up for an important event or meeting early in the morning, have some quality time between those sheets for the night before.

Good For The Heart

There’s a study conducted in the American Journal of Cardiology that says men who had sex at least two to three times a week were less likely to suffer a cardiovascular disease compared to those who only had sex once a month.

Admit it or not, sex makes our life better in many ways. Sex facilitates the feeling of intimacy and this kind of physical attachment does more than a simple bed pleasure. As you experiences climax, there’s physical and emotional relaxation that follows, which is good for your overall health. People in a relationship can enjoy the numerous healthy benefits of sex, in addition to having a better relationship and emotional bond.

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