Dating After Long Term Relationship

Starting a date after getting out from a relatively serious, long term relationship can be daunting. You have to get back on track, but the road is completely different than before.

On the other hand, getting over a breakup takes time. But no matter how painful your past is, know that you’re in control with your own life. Acknowledge your emotions, reconcile them and when you’re ready to move on and start dating again after an unsuccessful relationship, take these considerations in mind;

Be Sure About Yourself

Don’t date someone just because you’re sad. Be sure about yourself, your feelings and think a hundred times if you’re really ready to enter into a new relationship. Think about your goals, your priorities and things that make you happy after getting out from your previous relationship. You have to love yourself before you start loving someone again.

Get An Advice

Ask your single friends who’ve been into dating or talk to someone you trust so you can evaluate the situation. But remember, at the end of it all, only you can truly decide on what’s best for yourself. As you start seeing someone new, make sure to know the important details about the person you are dating.

Build Trust

If you think you’re ready to enter into a new relationship, you should be honest about what you want or at least mention if you are not yet ready for a serious commitment at the moment. That way, he/she can tell if you’re not some kind of dude who’s just playing around. This also shows your authenticity as a person and as a lover. Remember that in any successful relationship, honesty is the key.

Never Compare

Do not expect, or insist your partner to be just like your former partner. It’s okay to discuss about your past but you MUST NOT compare it from your future. Besides, the person is not your ex. Remember that you’re dating because you got over with your ex. Your new date deserves a chance and respect because this person made you want to date again.

Don’t Rush

Take enough time in getting to know each other more. Have some more dates. Go to beautiful places where you can have some quality time to talk about each other’s interest, likes and dislikes. You may discuss your hobbies, favourites, activities you enjoy, etc. Doing this will help you a lot in figuring out the answers to a few questions in your mind.

Be Yourself

Don’t pretend or imitate someone else or change who you are just because you’re afraid that the person you’re dating might get turned off. It’s always best to let your date know about your true character from the very beginning. The more natural, honest and friendly you are, the more attractive you become. Although you don’t have to disclose everything about you early on, but if you get asked a direct question, always be honest with your answer.

As the saying goes, ‘love is sweeter the second time around’. This can be true because with your second relationship, you become wiser and better when it comes to making your decisions and actions.

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