Break Up Sex and Circumstances Where It Works

Break up sex? Or would it be better to say a closure sex? Break up sex generally means having a one last lusty, passionate sex with your soon to be ex-boyfriend before you finally say goodbye to each other. Now the question is, does it really work? Don’t you think it’s insane to ever jump into such an idea?

Here are some of the negative and positive circumstances of break up sex;


The Negative

You may feel bad about it or you become emotionally distracted. You’ve decided to have a break up sex with him and while you’re in the middle of a blissful ceremony, you’re having a second thought about your feelings for him as if you don’t want to end the relationship. At the back of your mind, you still want to stay because you realized, you still have a feeling for him after all the bad things you’ve been through. After that one last, passionate and overwhelming sex you’ve shared, you’ve figured out that you still can’t let go of him, that you still love him. So the outcome is, you feel very sad that it will end with just a one last wild goodbye.

The moment you’ve decided to have a break up sex with the person, it will determine your decision if you still want to keep the relationship. But no matter what you do or say, it will be useless if one doesn’t cooperate. Though for your part, you still want to reconcile and keep the relationship, but the other person chooses not to, it won’t work.

The Positive

There are many ways you can benefit from a break up sex but the ultimate reason why you should have sex with your ex one last time is that it helps you to get it out of your system. This can be considered as a plan for closure. Both of you have drifted away and already have your own priorities in life. You know that you’ve tried your best to hold on to the relationship but unfortunately, it didn’t work out. You’ve realized, you’re not compatible as lovers. By having a break up sex before you decide to end your relationship, you can have something to reminisce about before you part ways, without guilt and hard feelings.

Break up sex is not a bad thing if you think about it very carefully. There are some important rules in order to make it work. But remember, before you even go down to this decision, consider how it will affect your feeling and overall well-being. If you’ve decided to give it a go, don’t over-think it the next day and don’t ever think of it as a strategy to get your ex back, otherwise you’ll just end up getting hurt. Keep in mind, break up sex is no longer a relationship. It’s just a plain sex so don’t expect too much from the person. It’s definitely a great idea if you’re totally over him, but could be rough if you’re not. The decision is yours.

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