Break Up Sex and Circumstances Where It Works

Break up sex? Or would it be better to say a closure sex? Break up sex generally means having a one last lusty, passionate sex with your soon to be ex-boyfriend before you finally say goodbye to each other. Now the question is, does it really work? Don’t you think it’s insane to ever jump into such an idea? Continue reading “Break Up Sex and Circumstances Where It Works”

The Health Benefits Of Sex

Sex is an important part of any sensual relationship and provides multiple positive effects on health, both physical and emotional.

A psychosexual expert once said, every couple needs a sensate focus, also known as touching exercise which involves a series of sensory experience to help them become more comfortable with touch and build trust and intimacy. This exercise takes about an hour, so couples should make sure to put aside enough time. They should then prepare the space, making sure they are comfortable and will not be disturbed. Continue reading “The Health Benefits Of Sex”

Dating After Long Term Relationship

Starting a date after getting out from a relatively serious, long term relationship can be daunting. You have to get back on track, but the road is completely different than before.

On the other hand, getting over a breakup takes time. But no matter how painful your past is, know that you’re in control with your own life. Acknowledge your emotions, reconcile them and when you’re ready to move on and start dating again after an unsuccessful relationship, take these considerations in mind; Continue reading “Dating After Long Term Relationship”