The Most Popular Free Sex Gif Categories

The most popular free sex gif categories

People who wanted to watch porn before had to spend some money to do so. They either had to purchase magazines or DVD movies to view it. But, thanks to the internet and porn sites, that is no longer the case. These days, you can find unlimited amount of free porn pics and videos everywhere. The internet is full of so many different type of free porn that it is hard to list them all. Luckily, top porn sites and search engines keep records of what people are viewing when it comes to porn. Because of their statistics, it is easy to know which are the most popular porn categories today. While there are all types of porn videos and free sex pics everywhere, people are looking for animated porn GIFS images.

There are numerous reasons why animated porn GIFS have become the favorite among users online. For one, they are much better than sex pics. While sex pictures are awesome, sex GIFS show movement. It is almost like watching a mini collage of photos or a short video. In truth, pornographic videos are about the best way to view porn. After all it is about as close as being there as possible. The problem with porn videos is that they take too long to load. Often times, users with slow or limited internet speed cannot wait. Some users have limited bandwidth or plans on their mobile devices. Watching one sex video can eat up all of their plans.

This is where animated porn GIF images come in. They are by far the easiest way to see women getting fucked with movement. Or seeing them play with their tits or suck on a penis. Whatever you may want to see, animated sex gifs let you view them all. The following are some of the best and most viewed free sex GIFS you can find online.

Cumshot GIFS – These are just what the name says they are; GIFS of cum shots. People have a fixation with watching men empty their cum on a woman’s face. Or on their tits, body or pussy. That is why you see so many porn GIFS showing the men coming and jizzing. Cum GIF images let you see the best part of having sex with someone which is the orgasm. Cumshot GIFS can also be of women letting out their juices on another person’s face, mouth or somewhere else.

MILF GIFS – Nothing like a beautiful milf sex GIF image to get someone hard or aroused. Milf sex gifs are very popular because mature women are hot and sexy. Most people fantasize about having sex with a mom or older woman. That explains why milf sex GIFS are one of the most popular porn images searched for and viewed online.

Black or Ebony GIFS – Sex GIFS with hot and beautiful black girls or ebony women are another popular category in porn. The same with animated sex GIFS showing black men with huge black cocks fucking white girls. People want to see sexy ebony girls with huge tits and great asses also getting fucked by white guys. No matter what type of ebony sex GIFS you prefer, you can find your favorite without a problem.


Hentai GIFS – Japanese animated porn or hentai as it is known, is quite popular online. People are fascinated with hentai GIFS showing beautiful and erotic girls with big tits get fucked hard. Hentai sex GIFS are closely similar to anime sex gifs or sex porn. Either one are created using cartoon characters as opposed to real people. Yet these sensuous and arousing hentai GIFS are almost real. You can see gorgeous hot girls with amazing tits take huge cocks up their pussies.

Lesbian GIFS – Girl on girl porn is a sure way to get any person aroused. Something about watching lesbian GIFS that makes men and women want to masturbate. That explains why the lesbian GIFS are so popular and preferred by many. Seeing a horny and naughty girl suck on another woman’s pussy is one of the best forms of animated lesbian gifs available.

Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism (BDSM) – For some reason a lot of users like to see BDSM animated GIFS. These are porn images which show sex being expressed via some sort of punishment. These punishments can be via humiliating someone psychologically or causing them physical pain.

Japanese – The love for hot Japanese women has seemed to increase the past few years. More and more people are looking for Japanese sex GIFS today than ever before. Knowing how hot and beautiful Asian women can be, this is no surprise. They all have gorgeous faces, hot bodies and amazing tits. What can be better than seeing a pretty Japanese girl get her angelical face full of cum?

In all, there are countless of other lascivious sex GIFS and porn categories to view. You can also check out some hot Latina porn GIFS, Asian gifs, big beautiful woman sex GIFS, shemale porn GIFS and teen gifs. Most sites have over fifty different kind of porn categories. Amateur porn GIFS is also another which is worth deserving. No matter which one you pick, they are there for you to see for free today.